Fabulous Feeling Feet & Hands

services-feet-handsHand Care

Your hands are on show all of the time and we expose them to all kinds of weather and chemicals.  Show them you care with our range of OPI salon proven formulas to soothe, moisturise and transform.

Minicure: File, moisturise and Colour

Minicure with colour finish 30 mins £15
Minicure with Infinite Shine 30 mins £18
Minicure with GelColour finish 30 mins £22

Jucie Manicure: File, cuticle tidy, moisturise and colour

Jucie Manicure with colour finish 60 mins £28
Jucie Manicure with Infinite Shine 60 mins £31
Jucie Manicure with Gelcolour finish 60 mins £35

Luxury Manicure

Whether you are looking to revitalise tired hands or replenish lost moisture, transform your hands and nails with OPI. With different options to suit your needs, your therapist will work with you to decide whether your hands are calling for an indulgent, hydrating, replenishing treatment, using OPIs Avoplex spa manicure range, or whether the luxurious restorative manicure, using the clinically proven rejuvenating serum,  for visibly younger looking hands is the one for you.

OPI Luxury Manicure with colour finish 75 mins £35
OPI Luxury Manicure with Infinite Shine 75 mins £38
OPI Luxury Manicure with GelColour finish 75 mins £42

Feet & Toes

Let us pamper your hardworking feet with a pedicure.  OPI claim their pedicure products transform an ordinary pedicure into an extraordinary spa service and we have to agree.  With a soak, scrub, file, massage and a mask, all made from nature’s most soothing and effective botanicals, your feet are restored to silky smoothness.

OPI Spa Pedicure with colour finish  75 mins  £40
OPI Spa Pedicure with Infinite Shine  75 mins  £43
OPI Spa Pedicure with GelColour  75 mins  £47

If you don’t have time for a full pedicure this time, why not show your feet you care by giving them a mini pedicure treat.

Feet treats mini pedicure with Colour Finish 60mins £30
Feet treats mini pedicure with Infinite Shine 60mins £33
Feet treats mini pedicure with GelColour Finish 60mins £37